14 Murals to visit in Brimbank

Brimbank is filled with beautiful public art. With art installations across the whole municipality, a stroll through Brimbank is like a visit to a gallery.

In celebration of all this art, we’ve put together this list of fourteen amazing murals to visit.

It’s a fun, free way to brighten up anyone’s day.

1. Community Mural at Deer Park Library

Artist: Katherine Gailer (also known as Katira)
Year: 2021
Location: Deer Park Library, 4 Neale Rd, Deer Park

This mural was a collaboration between Katherine Gailer and students from Victoria University Secondary College. The concept for the mural came about following the loss of their classmate Solomone Taufeulungaki, a 15-year-old student who was killed in Deer Park last year.

The project gave these affected youth an opportunity to reclaim this space, have a positive impact on their community and deliver a public artwork that invites other young people to reconnect with the library and their locality.

The concept and visual narrative of the mural was found over a number of workshops facilitated by Gailer who then created the design. Together, they painted the mural: a bright and beautiful depiction of two joined hands, flowers, birds and a book.

2. Sunshine Litter Action Mural

Artist: Kathy Holowko
Year: 2021
Location: Bennett Place, Sunshine

This colourful work in the heart of Sunshine’s shopping precinct is as thought provoking as it is eye catching, with something to be learned by passers-by of all-ages.

The work of local artist Kathy Holowko, the mural was commissioned by Melbourne Water and Brimbank City Council as part of the water authority’s Litter Action Project – with support from the Sunshine Business Association and Friends of Kororoit Creek.

The brilliantly bright mural features a host of Australian native animals, birds, and plants, but closer inspection reveals litter in amongst the idyllic surroundings.  It was inspired by Holowko’s childhood memories, exploring Kororoit Creek, and the rubbish that would surface after flooding.

It’s not only a beautiful work, and an ideal Instagram shot, but a great reminder to always remain mindful when disposing of waste.

3. Watt Street Mural

Artist: Group of Brimbank Youth lead by artists Tadros Hanna and Sebastian Fransz
Year: 2020
Location: Watt Street, Sunshine

Spanning an entire private wall in Watt Street, an access route to the Sunshine railway station, this mural represents Brimbank’s diverse community, and the power of collaboration.

This vibrant mural was a collaborative effort, with key elements designed and produced by disadvantaged young people in the Brimbank community. The group, brought together by Brimbank Youth Services, completed the project over the course of seven workshops led by local artists Tadros Hanna and Sebastian Franz.

The names of the two artists and their host of young protégés are included in the mural, creating a sense of ownership and pride for the involved Brimbank Youth.

4. McKechnie Street Mural

Artist: Sebastian Franz
Year: 2019
Location: McKechnie St (Near Railway Station), St Albans

With brilliant bright pinks and shades of cool fresh green, this mural pays homage to Brimbank’s Indian community with references to Indian and Punjabi textiles along with Indian theatre and dance.

The work combines Australian flora with Indian lotus. Eucalyptus blossoms are arranged to recall the geometry of Indian textiles, emphasising the multiculturalism of the area.

The mural was painted by Sebastian Fransz, who in conjunction with his studio works, paints large-scale murals as a community art facilitator, often with young people on graffiti and street art public projects. He has more than ten years’ experience working with local councils and organisations throughout Victoria.

5. Flourish: Story of a Diaspora Stark Place Laneway Mural

Artist: Katherine Gailer (also known as Katira)
Year: 2020
Location: Stark Place, Sunshine

An homage to the local Australian African community, and recognising their contribution to the Brimbank community, the mural features the strong gaze of an African Australian woman. The mural features birds and butterflies as a symbol of transformation, migration and connection to our community and natural environment.

The mural was created by award-winning multi-disciplinary artist Katherine Gailer. Gailer worked with the western suburbs African women’s group Kontiki Cultural Women Empowerment to ensure the mural was culturally appropriate, and approved by the local Australian African community.  The artwork was nominated for The Global Art Awards 2020, the international awards for the Visual Arts.

6. Percy Street Laneway Mural

Artists: Heesco, Tanea, Hera Lennox
Year: 2019
Location: Percy Street Laneway (Rear of 5 St Albans Rd) St Albans

This vivid artwork was designed to complement the Lighting the Way project along Princess Street to Percy Street Project, and the Bowery Theatre.

Prior to this, the laneway was dimly lit and often vandalised by graffiti and litter. Running between two large car parks in a busy area, it was actively avoided by locals.

Featuring bright, traditional graffiti-style floral art in a range of saturated, rainbow hues, the massive work looks just as beautiful in the daylight as it does when illuminated by the new lighting.

There’s absolutely no reason to avoid it anymore.

7. Aunty Joyce and Uncle Boots at Tin Shed, St Albans

Artists: Mike Maka (aka Makatron), Mandi Barton and Lee-Anne Clarke
Year: 2021
Location: Tin Shed 309A Main Road East St Albans

One of the newest public art installations in Brimbank, this work features legendary local Aboriginal Elders Aunty Joyce and Uncle Boots. At the request of Aunty Joyce and Uncle Boots, the mural also features Bunjil the Wedge-tailed Eagle and Waa the Spirit Crow.

The mural is a collaboration between renowned artists and muralist Mike Maka (aka Makatron) and local Indigenous artists Mandi Barton and Lee-Anne Clarke, and weaves their three styles together through an integrated colour scheme.

Aunty Joyce and Uncle Boots are known for their work tackling broader community issues, such as health, education, unemployment, racism and oppression, advocating on behalf of the community, and providing stability and support for youth in the community, having fostered more than 87 children. In 2021, they were named joint winners of Brimbank Council’s Citizen of the Year award for their work.

8. Wright Street Bridge Mural

Artist: Mike Maka (aka Makatron)
Year: 2020
Location: Wright Street Bridge, Sunshine West

There are no trolls waiting under this bridge, adjacent to Kororoit Creek. Only art worthy of taking a break from your bike ride.

This striking mural features gorgeous depictions of Australian native flora and fauna, primarily insects, and a superb fairy-wren, all endemic to Kororoit Creek. The work aims to magnify the small things that we can miss in our day-to-day lives – the tiny wonders happening around us. It encourages viewers to reconnect with their surroundings as they walk the bike paths and beyond.

This work was painted by popular Melbourne artist Mike Maka (aka Makatron) as part of Land MARKS, a Working for Victoria / Brimbank City Council Artist in Residence program.

9. Hunt Club Entrance Mural

Artist: Baby Guerrilla
Year: 2021
Location: Hunt Club Community and Arts Centre, 775 Ballarat Rd, Deer Park

A celebration of art adorns this building dedicated to the arts, the work of local artist Baby Guerrilla.

This mural depicts young people, almost floating, leaning on each other in their spaces and expressing their joy of creativity. And the joy of creativity is something the artist is familiar with. Baby Guerrilla is a Brimbank local through and through – having been raised in Sunshine and Braybrook, and still residing here.

Hunt Club is one of the few remaining 19th Century buildings within our municipality.

This project was funded by Brimbank City Council through the Working for Victoria LANDMarks project and the Arts & Culture Unit and supported by the Neighbourhood House and Community Centre programs.

10. KFL Mural

Artist: Sebastian Franz
Year: 2018
Location: 330 Main Rd E, St Albans

Every surface can be a canvas – even a supermarket.

This work runs along the wall of the KFL grocer, and is hard to miss. The mural features a rosella and lizard upon a backdrop of native flora and fauna. The design was inspired by the flora and fauna of the Volcanic Plains Bioregion, an important Victorian ecosystem of which Brimbank is a part.

In highlighting the beauty of our environment, the work aims to encourage the public to be mindful of the waste they create and their environmental impact.

11. Weaving Roots Mural

Artist: Katherine Gailer (also known as Katira)
Year: 2020
Location: Sunshine West Community Centre, 25 Kermeen St, Sunshine West

Much like her other works throughout Brimbank, Weaving Roots by Katherine Gailer aka Katira explores cultural identity, women empowerment and our connection to our natural environment.

Gailer painted this mural to represent the strength of contemporary Australian Indian women and recognise their contribution to the Brimbank community. The mural was developed with the help of Women of Brimbank, a non-profit women’s organisation that works to provide programs and events for all ages and backgrounds.

Weaving Roots is part of ‘Land MARKS’; a Working for Victoria program and Brimbank City Council Artist in Residence.

12. Eyes Across Brimbank Mural

Artist: Mike Maka (aka Makatron)
Year: 2021
Locations 185 Kings Rd, Delahey

The mural envisages a series of large-scale eyes looking out across the industrial planes and grasslands of outer Brimbank.  The mural concept was the product of a community engagement process whereby residents of Brimbank Council were invited to provide the artist a close-up shot of their eyes.

The photographs were then manipulated digitally in order to produce a design incorporating eyes rendered in different styles, colours, etc. Although none of the participants are identified in the artwork, it is intended that they may be able to recognise themselves. Thus, reinforcing the community participation and ownership in the artwork.

13. Glengala Hall Mural

Artist: Baby Guerrilla
Year: 2021
Location: 88 Glengala Road, Sunshine West

The work, located on the corner of Glengala Road and Simmie Street in Sunshine West is part of a broader project entitled Faces of Diversity that celebrates our community’s breadth. In the work Baby Guerrilla has portrayed a mother and child to demonstrate the authenticity and connection within our community. As the artwork is highly visible to all passing pedestrians and traffic, the audience the artist wishes to appeal to is much larger than any one particular group in the community.

In her own words Baby Guerrilla says “I hope the warmth and bond between the figures attracts attention, invites broad community ownership, new awareness of the hub as a community gathering place, and delights locals, foot and road traffic passing through the Glengala Road shopping hub.”

14. Flowers in A Minor Mural

Artist: Mike Maka aka Makatron and Katherine Gailer aka Katira
Year: 2021
Location: Victoria Crescent 14-18 East Esplanade St Albans

This colourful, large-scale mural represents different cultures and the value of protecting both biodiversity and cultural diversity.

The work incorporates the image of a gramophone (a vintage record player), triggering memories of people connecting through music around the world. A big wave of abstract paint pours out of the gramophone giving life to flowers and birds from different parts of the world. Birds and insects fly out, representing migration and movement around the globe.

The mural’s message is that music and creative expressions are the guardians of memory, cultural heritage and the very channel of connection between humans.


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