A little kitten tale to warm your heart

One day, not so long ago, someone attending a Council facility at the St Albans Senior Citizens Centre on Arthur Street could hear some muffled kitten sounds coming from behind a wall, and realised it must somehow be trapped in there.

Thankfully they let staff know straight away and the right people at Council were called in to undertake a kitty-cat rescue mission!

One of our Animal Management Officers contacted Building Maintenance and before you could say “the cat’s whiskers”, some bricks were being removed and a darling little kitten poked his head out from behind the wall.

Promptly named ‘Lucky’ by those involved, the kitten was quickly checked and he was in fine condition after his terrifying ordeal.

While you could say he lost one of his nine lives that day, ‘Lucky’ went into the Lost Dogs Home for adoption and is now in a nice warm friendly home.

If you’re looking to adopt a pet any time soon, the Lost Dogs Home in North Melbourne are always happy to help at https://dogshome.com/

All dogs and cats in Brimbank over three months old must be registered, microchipped, and desexed. Local veterinarians can assist with microchipping pets.

For further information on pet registration, go to www.brimbank.vic.gov.au/pets-and-animals/how-register-your-pet


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