BindiMaps now at Sunshine Library and Brimbank Community Civic Centre.

BindiMaps is an accessible audio guide that assists visitors of all abilities to navigate the Sunshine Library and the Brimbank Community and Civic Centre, Customer Service area.

BindiMaps can guide your way. BindiMaps is a mobile app designed to assist users to precisely navigate to their desired location in indoor spaces. It uses a simple, natural language audio and direction mapping system to guide where you are, lets you know what’s around you, and tells you the best way to get to your chosen destination whether it is an event, access to amenities, collections, or photocopiers.

Download the BindiMaps app and it will guide the way from the car park, train station or bus stop to the program or special event you want to attend, to find your friend in the library or help you find something to read, watch or play.

Sunshine Library also has a new look, with brand new signage throughout to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for. The signage is colour coded for easy recognition, using colour, icons, simple text, and community languages, making it accessible and meaningful for all ages, abilities and language proficiencies.

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