Brimbank helps safely dispose of paint waste

Brimbank City Council is proud to work with Paintback which recently reached an important milestone. The organisation collects and processes unwanted paint (both water and oil based) and paint packaging. It then safely disposes of it.

There are over 165 permanent Australian collection points – including our own Brimbank Resource Recovery Centre, in Keilor Park.

Paintback recently celebrated the collection and safe disposal of over 40 million kilograms of unused paint and packaging since starting six years ago.

The paint collected by Paintback is repurposed into other industrial uses. This significantly reduces landfill and ensures the waste paint doesn’t end up in our waterways. The packaging and waste liquid are separated with the containers being recycled, subject to contamination.

The solvent paint can be converted into an alternative fuel source replacing coal. Water is separated from acrylic paint with the by-product used in a variety of industrial applications.

Paintback aims to divert 90% of unwanted paint into Australia’s circular economy, where products are re-used or are repurposed for other manufacturing or industry processes to keep them circulating instead of being discarded permanently.

Safely dispose of your paint waste 

Visit the Brimbank Resource Recovery Centre after your next paint job and drop off your leftover or unwanted paint and packaging. It’s no-charge to drop off.



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