Meet our 2023 Young Citizen of the Year

Each year, Brimbank City Council recognises and celebrates our most inspiring individuals on Australia Day for their exceptional contribution and outstanding service to the local community.

This year, we are thrilled to announce the winner of the 2023 Young Citizen of the Year Award at the Brimbank Australia Day Awards Ceremony is Kayla Parker.

Meet the winner

Kayla Parker

At only seventeen-years-old, Kayla has been volunteering with St John Ambulance for the past three years and is involved in various activities that benefit the community.

Kayla is confident, compassionate, and always willing to stand up for the underdog. She is determined to make the world a better place and is willing to put herself out there to help others.

After completing her 200 voluntary service hours with St John Ambulance, Kayla was recently promoted to senior leader. She also teaches younger cadets all about their role and first aid.

Kayla has been involved with the Western Bulldog’s leadership program for two years, which has led to her involvement in the Bark for Youth program.

Kayla has also been part of the student voice program at her high school since she was in year 7, and was awarded the ADF Long Tan Youth Leadership & Teamwork Award.

She has helped set up many programs aimed at the local youth community to promote student wellbeing, equality and provide a safe platform for students to raise issues with the school staff.

Kayla has also been involved in the Brimbank Council Youth Leadership program over the past few years.

In the past, she has been an ambassador for the YMCA swimathon open doors program raising money for swimming lessons for underprivileged and disabled youth.

Kayla suffers from a rare form of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) and has spent many years raising awareness about the disorder through EDSAUS (Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Support in Australia), which supports people who suffer from connective tissues disorders.

Kayla goes above and beyond to achieve her goals. She is a true role model who will go on to do great things.

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