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News from the Chamber – Novebmer 2022

An update from the Council Meeting that took place on 15 November 2022.

More information is available at 2022 Council Meeting Agendas and Minutes.

 Planning Activity Update and Delegate Decisions including Planning Scheme Amendment Update

This report provided Council with an update on:

  • The status of Planning Permit Applications in October 2022
  • Decisions made under delegated authority regarding planning permit applications in October 2022
  • The status of current Planning Scheme Amendments as at 31 October 2022.

These reports showed Council received 74 new planning permit applications in October 2022, and the value of these applications were $28.4 million.

The Planning Scheme Amendment Summary includes five Planning Scheme Amendments where Council is the Planning Authority, or has requested the Minister to prepare an amendment.

 Governance Report November 2022

Council considered a summary of recent Governance activity.

This included a report on the exercise of delegated authority, Councillor Representatives and delegates reports from committees and records of informal meetings of Councillors.

In addition Council also endorsed:

  • a Submission in response to the Department of Transport’s public consultation on ‘Victoria’s Bus Network Reform’
  • a Submission in response to the Rail Project Victoria’s public consultation on ‘New Regional Platform at Sunshine Station’
  • an option as outlined in the ‘MAV Board Regional Groupings of Councils Review – Options Paper’
  • the draft Terms of Reference for the Social Justice Coalition Strategic Implementation Group
  • a new approach to the investigation of alleged illegal brothels operating in Brimbank that involves working collaboratively with Victoria Police but does not require the engagement of independent investigators

 Council Plan 2021 – 2025 – Year Two Annual Action Plan (1st Quarter Progress Report)

Council noted the status of the actions of the Together we are Brimbank Council Plan 2021-2025 for the first quarter 2022/2023 of Year Two, July-September 2022.

As of 30 September 2022, of the 119 actions in the Council Plan Year 2 Annual Action Plan, two Council Plan actions were completed and 117 Council Plan actions are in progress.

The progress report lists Council’s achievements in the quarter as they relate to priorities and strategic directions:-

  • People and Community
  • Places and Spaces
  • Opportunity and Prosperity
  • Leadership and Governance

Sports Facility Development Plan 2018 and Community Services Infrastructure Plan 2018- 2038 Report Card and Brimbank Physical Activity Strategy Report Card

Council noted the Report Cards for the Sports Facility Development Plan 2018, Community Services Infrastructure Plan 2018-2038 Report Card 2021-2022 and the Brimbank Physical Activity Strategy Report Card 2021-2022, which can be accessed on Council’s website.

 Final Draft Carers Support Policy

Brimbank Carer Support Plan 2022-2025 went out for community consultation and overall received positive feedback, with key points raised including:

  • Ensuring the plan targets the needs of carers of all ages.
  • Committing to the ongoing funding and implementation of actions.
  • Advocating for systemic change to improve access to services that support carer

Council adopted the final draft Brimbank Carer Support Plan 2022-2025.

 Annual Community Report Cards for Library Services, Neighbourhood Houses, Creative Brimbank and Learning and Youth Jobs

Council noted the Annual Community Report Cards for Library Services, Neighbourhood Houses, Creative Brimbank and Learning and Youth Jobs. These are available to the community and can be accessed on Council’s website.

Disability Action Plan 2022-2026 Post Consultation

Council has adopted the final draft of the Disability Action Plan 2022-2026 which will guide Council’s priorities in supporting people with disability to live connected, inclusive lives.

The Disability Action Plan sets out a series of key actions informed through extensive community engagement and a successful co-design approach that drew on people with lived experience of disability.

Over the next four years the Disability Action Plan will help reduce barriers for people with a disability in accessing goods, services and facilities, and drive change in attitudes and practices where needed.

To see the full plan, visit

 Creating Better Parks Policy & Plan Review

Council endorsed the updated Draft Creating Better Parks Policy and Plan 2022 to be released for community consultation.

Preliminary engagement with the community had occurred in 2021 to understand the community sentiment with their park experiences.

The Draft Creating Better Parks Policy and Plan will guide the future improvement of parks and playgrounds in Brimbank, and set a vision for the next five years. This policy will help to foster a sense of place, cultural knowledge supporting the liveability, climate and health, and wellbeing of our community.

Feedback can be provided at

 Waste Reforms – November 2022 Update

Council received a report on the options relating to the timing of introducing a universal food organics and garden organics (FOGO) residential kerbside collection service.

Brimbank residents who use Council’s optional green waste bin have been able to add food scraps to this bin since 1 July 2022.

Council is now investigating the timing of introducing a universal FOGO service for Brimbank residents. This will take into account the State Government’s requirements for the introduction of four-bin waste and recycling throughout Victoria and consultation conducted with Brimbank residents.

At the Council Meeting these recommendations were adopted:

  • Align the introduction of a universal FOGO residential kerbside collection service with the introduction of a new separate glass collection service
  • Further promote the voluntary user pays FOGO collection service to maximise the uptake of the service prior to the introduction of a universal FOGO residential kerbside collection service
  • Council receives a further report on the introduction of a universal FOGO and new separate glass collection identifying the optimum collection frequencies.

 Report on the Process, Costs and Timelines in Changing the Name of Sydenham Park

At the Council Meeting on 19 July 2022, Council considered a Notice of Motion in relation to the costs and timelines involved in changing the name of Sydenham Park. Council resolved to provide a report on the processes, costs and timelines involved in changing Sydenham Park’s name to an appropriate Aboriginal name suggested by local Aboriginal groups in consultation with Council and the Brimbank Community.

At the 15 November 2022 Council Meeting, Council adopted the recommendations to:

  1. Note the Report on processes, costs and timelines involved in changing the name of Sydenham Park
  2. Proceed with the naming process and consultation with Wurundjeri Woi-wurrung Cultural Heritage Aboriginal Corporation and community for the renaming of Sydenham Park to an appropriate Aboriginal name.

 Quarterly Budget Report (Jul/Aug/Sep)

Council noted the Quarterly Budget Report and accompanying statements for the period ending 30 September 2022.

This quarterly report is a requirement under the Local Government Act 2020.

The report demonstrates Council’s commitment to the principles of sound financial management in a sustainable and responsible manner.

 Notices of Motion

At the Council Meeting on 15 November 2022, two Notices of Motion were carried:

  • Cairnlea Drive Bus Route – raised by Cr Thuy Dang
  • Sunshine Energy Park – raised by Cr Bruce Lancashire

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