Register to Reunite campaign launched to help bring lost pets home

Brimbank Council has launched the Register to Reunite campaign encouraging pet owners to get their cats and dogs microchipped, registered and contact details updated so if their furry friends get lost they can be reunited.

The first step that Council takes with a lost animal is to scan it for a microchip to identify and contact the owner. Council’s first priority will always be to reunite or rehome every animal where possible.

Council’s animal management officers sometimes encounter difficulty in returning stray pets to their owners because of some common misconceptions by residents.

Some people think microchipping and council registration are the same thing – however, they are separate and both are legal requirements.

All cats and dogs must be microchipped with a registry such as Central Animal Records (CAR) or Australasian Animal Registry (AAR), and registered with the council area in which they live. Sometimes the pet owner’s contact details on the microchip can be out-of-date or list a former owner. This causes delays in locating the owner and getting the pet home.

There is also a false belief that Council will euthanise all uncollected strays, which has led to an increasing number of people keeping and rehoming lost pets instead of notifying Council.

It’s important that residents notify Council if there is an animal wandering the streets so Council can assist with reuniting the pet and its owner. Council will work with the owner to ensure the animal’s home is safe and secure to minimise the possibility of further incidents.

“Pet owners can maximise the chances of being reunited with their furry friends if they follow the advice of our Register to Reunite campaign,” Brimbank Mayor Cr Jasmine Nguyen said.

“Often lost pets end up in animal shelters because the owners haven’t had them microchipped, registered with Council, or updated their contact details.

“Council’s animal management officers work hard to reunite lost pets with their beloved owners and to educate the community about responsible pet ownership.”

All dogs and cats in Brimbank over three months old must be registered, microchipped, and desexed. Local veterinarians can assist with microchipping pets.

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