Rodent activity around your food business – helpful tips for you to control them

Leading into the cooler months rats and mice are looking for warmer places to live and breed.

Nobody wants rats and mice in or around their business. They can damage wiring, get into your pantry and spoil food, keep you awake at night and transmit diseases.

What to look for:

  • droppings inside your cupboards and ceiling
  • burrows under buildings and rear storage
  • signs of wire cables, plastic pipes and food container lids being chewed.

At night, listen for:

  • scratching
  • fighting
  • squeaking
  • clawing and gnawing sounds.

Rats and mice are most active during night-time. Being creatures of habit, they will travel the same routes to get to food and water. This assists in the placing of baits and traps.

Helpful tips to control rodents:

  • Use traps and chemical baits inside your premises (avoid open areas where likely for contamination)
  • Don’t leave exposed food (or pet food) out and keep dry goods in sealed containers
  • Seal gaps and holes around water and waste pipes and under eaves
  • Keep trees and vines and compost away from the premises
  • Keep your garden well maintained and grass mown
  • Don’t stack firewood for pizza ovens against your premises
  • Avoid accumulation of unwanted, non-operational equipment and waste.

If you need further assistance to remove rats or mice from your property, we recommend you use a licensed pest controller.

While Council does not provide rat or mice removal services, we do offer advice on how to deal with rodents on your property.

Should you require more information or assistance you can contact the Brimbank City Council Environmental Health Services on 92494000 or email 

– Advice provided by Brimbank City Council’s Environmental Health Team.

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