Five staff in brimbank uniforms post with dogs of different sizes. They arestanding in front of a banner about brimbank pet registration.

Caring for our animal community in Brimbank

Four-legged friends are in good hands

There are more than 10,000 dogs and over 3,500 cats registered in Brimbank. So there’s never a day that one of these four-legged members of our community doesn’t find themselves in a situation where they are lost and in need of help.

That’s where Council’s Animal Management team come into the picture. This team of trained and animal-loving people is responsible for responding to a long list of animal-related requests.

We receive requests from the community, animal welfare agencies and emergency services.

They deal with everything. Things like:

  • nuisance complaints,
  • dog attacks,
  • dangerous, menacing and restricted breed dogs
  • inspecting domestic animal businesses,
  • and management of animals in public spaces like parks and city streets.

They’re a busy crew and last year handled more than 4,000 requests for animal management service. Most requests relate to complaints about dogs and stray cats. They also picked up over 500 dogs and 1,800 cats, including wandering dogs and stray cats collected as part of Council’s cat-trapping program.

On top of this, the team is also on hand to assist the RSPCA and emergency services departments, including the Police, when an animal management professional is needed. And, on occasion, they’ve provided assistance to Wildlife Victoria.

For uninvited scaly neighbours, check the Brimbank Summer FAQ about when we can send a snake catcher.

Our furry friends are in great hands with the Animal Management team, and they are always happy to help spread the message of responsible pet ownership.

So, when you next see one of the team around, be sure to say hello, have a chat and ask any questions you have about being a responsible pet owner in Brimbank.

Renew your pet’s registration at Brimbank by 10 April

Reminder to dog and cat owners: Brimbank pet registrations are due by 10 April 2022.

You will need to microchip and desex your pet if you are registering it for the first time.

Just like vehicles, pet registration is a legal requirement and part of being a responsible pet owner. You can register your pet online. For more information visit or call Council on 9249 4000.


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